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Here in Portland we are sitting on a tectonic plate system that has always been assumed to be smoothly subducting and not causing earthquakes like California is afflicted with.  Turns out the Cascade subduction zone is much worse behaved than the fault system in California that are often releasing stress.  It turns out that every 200 to 500 years the Cascadia fault lets go with a 9+ quake lasting from 3 to 7 minutes ranging from Cape Mendocino to Vancouver Island.  The last quake was in 1700 and resulted with the coastal Native American communities being wiped out and extensive coastal community damage in Japan which is in their written records.

There is a very well written book about the discovery of Cascadia's fault and its historical behavior written by Jerry Thompson and it's title is "Cascadia's Fault".  If you are a data junkie and interested in the Cascadia fault then you want the USGS book "Turbidite Event History - Methods and Implications for Holocene Paleoseismicity of the Cascadia Subduction Zone".  Very through, very dry but if seeing the data is what you want it is available.

We are in the window of certainty for the next occurrence of a 9+ earthquake that will disrupt transportation and communications from Sacramento to Vancouver BC.  Preparedness here is to be able to support ourselves for the duration of isolation that will result after the quake and tsunamis that will quickly follow.  My particular part of this recovery is to provide long distance communication links and tie together the local networks to the distant networks.  Communications will be as critical as resources during the initial period.