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Part of being an inquisitive ham is building your own radios and coming to understand how they function.  For satellite operation you can use either a come shaped antenna pattern that spreads its gain across the entire hemisphere or use a beam antenna that requires pointing at the satellite and tracking the satellite's path.


Yagi Beam

 Arrow II Dual Band Yagi, the instruction sheet can be found here.








Moxon Beam

Dual Moxon AntennasDual Moxon Antennas

This is a very nice article on building a circularly polarized Moxon antenna for both 2m and 70 cm.  QST Article  It is an example of a hemispherical pattern that gives general coverage over the whole sky.  When I get it built I will post photos of the finished antennas.  Moxon antenna Build

A second resource can be found here.







End Fed Half Wave (EFHW) 

End Fed Half Wave Antenna AA5TB Article